The Devil is In the Details

A few years ago we had a booth at the Minnesota State Fair in Saint Paul, Minnesota and while most people we so very impressed with our garments, there were a few people that would look at them and say, “wow, that price is crazy, I can buy that at (insert big box name) for half that.”

I would shake my head because they were just looking from a distance. Sure you can probably find something that looks like that at a big box store, but if you look closely, the devil in the details.

Made in America is not just something on a tag. Made in America means that the person sewing that garment could be your neighbor and so they put extra special care into handcrafting it.

Our garments are double stitched at most seems using the finest of fabrics. The buttons are hand sewn, and you can reach out to the guy that sold it to you.

Think twice before thinking you can buy a similar garment at a big box store, the devil is in the details.

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