Deerskin Choppers

STYLE #5004

Smooth, supple, deerskin for comfort.


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These deerskin chopper mittens have been designed ensuring paramount comfort while delivering warmth and durability. Our chopper system starts with the wool chopper mitten liner which helps insulate and draw moisture away from the wears hands. The deerskin shell has been sewn like a moccasin with the stitch on the outside of the mitten so the wear doesn’t feel it. Deerskin is some of the most comfortable leather around as it is soft to the touch and not stiff like cowhide. Only size Medium available (small to medium hands)

Made in the United States of America



Whitetail deer hide lightly tanned. Please note deer hides often have slide blemishes. Care has been taken to ensure any blemishes are concealed the best we can.


50% wool, 50% polyester acrylic blend.


M, L

Treat stains by gently rubbing with a clean rag, warm water, and soap. Avoid any leather treatments or waterproofing solutions as these may darken leather.

For wool liners, hand wash warm with mild detergent/soap. Gentle hand wring, dry flat.