Has Spring Sprung?

It’s getting pretty warm here in the Land of Lakes! From top to bottom of the state, it seems like the tide is turning toward spring. Soon it will be time to get in gear for the fun things to do in this season. Right now is the perfect time to be tapping maples for syrup production and, if you’re in the Twin Cities, we have neighbors who are doing just that. The Hamel Maple Syrup Co out in Hamel, MN makes some sweet, pure maple syrup every spring. With the warming weather, hiking and biking seasons might as well start too! In the Duluth area, the favorites¬†are the Superior Hiking Trail and Gooseberry Falls State Park. If you time your visits right you may catch the falls melting and the ice crumbling.

As the leaves begin to pop and life returns to the tundra, we hope you enjoy all the unique sights and opportunities Life in the Land of Lakes offers.

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