Happy Summer!

Nothing beats laying out in the sun with a book and a refreshing drink at this time of year! June 21, same day as Father’s Day, marks the first official day of summer 2015. Summer is the perfect time to get out on any of the 10,000 lakes our beautiful state of Minnesota has provided for us and enjoy the warmth with family and friends. If you and your family are looking for a fun vacation getaway for the summer, a trip up to Itasca State Park may be a fun idea. We recently made the trip up there and saw the park full of people fishing, hiking, camping, and exploring the headwaters of the Mississippi River. As Minnesota’s oldest state park (founded in 1891) and one of it’s largest with 32,000 acres, it is definitely worth the travel to see it’s beauty and learn it’s history.

With temperatures rising and the sun beginning to shine, we hope you all take advantage of the magnificent lakes and parks our glorious state has to offer and enjoy the great outdoors.

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