Happy Earth Day

Earth Day is a special day for us at Tradition Creek. Being outdoors-people, we cherish conservation and the preservation of those natural spaces that have had such an impact on our lives and communities. The Land of Lakes is ripe with opportunities to continue such preservation around Earth Day and in the Spring season. All around the State of Minnesota (and our neighbors), parks and trails are being repopulated after their winter hibernation. This presents a chance for conservationists to do some clean-up and spruce-up work on a day like today. Up on the North Shore of Lake Superior, the Superior Hiking Trail is such a place that Tradition Creek has grown accustomed to working with. And it is always our pleasure to spend some time treasuring the great outdoors, the Great Lake, and preparing the trail for those who will follow us.

So, whatever you do today, this weekend, or this season, do something along with us to draw more of our friends and neighbors out into the wilderness and preserve it for generations to come. Happy Earth Day, all!


PS: If you’re interested, check out the Superior Hiking Trail on Facebook and plan a visit this Spring, the trails are open!

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